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Eclat Coda Fork

With a team of heavy hitters including the likes of Dillon Lloyd, Bruno Hoffmann, Sean Burns and Alex Kennedy, we needed a fork that would hold up to just about anything. The new Éclat Coda Fork was built with strength in mind. Made out of full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo with fully… [more]

SaltPlus Trapez Cassette Hub
$209.99 - $214.99

Durable cassette hub from Saltplus. The saltplus Trapez hub features the switch drive system that allows the hub to be switched to either RSD or LSD. Includes cone nut for Saltplus PRO Nylon hubguard. Material: alloy hub shell, CrMo 14mm hollow axle Size: 14mm hollow axle Spoke holes: 36 holes… [more]

Odyssey Seven K-A Harn Anodized 36H Rim

The original 7000 series aluminum BMX rim. This specialty grade of aluminum lets us produce a rim that is both lightweight and strong. The Seven-KA is a proven, go-to rim for pro-level riders worldwide. [more]

Animal Foursome Bars

Multi Butted Chromoly 4 pc Bars. Post Weld Heat Treatment. Rise: 9" Width: 29" Backsweep: 11° Upsweep: 5° Crossbar Height: 6" Crossbar Width: 10" [more]

S & M Bikes FU Handlebar (10-inch)
$99.99 - $129.99

10-inch rise puts your grips up in the stratosphere, and four-piece chromoly construction means S&M's FU Handlebar doesn't skimp on durability. At 30 inches wide these big bars give you all the control you need and then some. [more]

S & M Bikes Perfect 10 Handlebar
$99.99 - $129.99

Tall guys shred too, and now you can do it more comfortably with S&M's Perfect 10 Handlebars. With 10 inches of rise, you know you'll be in perfect position and your back and neck will still feel fresh at the end of the day. 30 inches wide, these bars are ideal for big riders who want responsive… [more]

Eclat Blind Front Hub
$99.99 - $124.99

The eclat "Blind " Front Hub is a high quality low flange front hub with a CNC machined hub shell made of 6061-T6 aluminium including a heat treated 14mm CrMo female hollow axle and high quality sealed bearings. The included CNC machined washers of the eclat "Blind " Front Hub provide a clean look.… [more]

Fitbikeco S4 Aitken Stem

Made from CNC'd 6061 Aluminium in the USA. This BMX stem is basically a lighter version of the classic S&M challenger stem designed by Mike Aitken. Specs: Reach: 51mm Rise: 24mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 294g [more]

SaltPlus Trapez V2 Front Hub
$99.99 - $114.99

Material: alloy hub shell, CrMo 3/8" bolts Size: 3/8" bolts, female axle Spoke holes: 36 holes Bearings: sealed bearings Colors: black, oil slick, green acid drip, gold acid drip Features: slim low flange hub with round shape cnc cones, includes cone nut for Saltplus PRO Nylon hubguard Weight: 335g… [more]

Eclat Strangler 4pc Bar

When it came to designing our first four-piece handlebar, we really wanted to go back to the drawing board and address all the annoying issues that four piece bars have always notoriously suffered from. The Strangler Bar utilises oversize 25.4mm tubing near the clamping area to make it outlast… [more]

Primo 7 Series Balance 36H Rim

The rim features the same previous versions, but it is constructed from the light weight 7005 Aluminium which is stronger. The Balance rims have double walled i-beam internal construction and is drilled out between the spoke holes to save weight. Features: 7005 Aluminium double walled rims. Size:… [more]

Eclat AK Guard Sprocket

AK GUARD The Alex Kennedy signature AK Guard received a lot of attention when we debuted it at Interbike back in September 2015. A concept that was spawned from his signature pedal; we wanted to take the robust nylon construction of the AK pedal and apply it to a full guard sprocket. The end result… [more]

S & M Bikes Redneck XLT Stem

S & M Bikes Redneck XLT Stem The Redneck XLT, often imitated but never duplicated, the OG 1 1/8'' front clamping stem. We've been running the Redneck since 93', killing off what your dads call the ''Gooseneck''. It's been through its refinements since then, making it light enough for the track and… [more]

SaltPlus HQ 4PC BAR

Material: full crmo, plain guage, post liquid heattreated Tubing: 22.2mm, 19mm crosstube Size: 9" height, 29.5" width, 11.5° backsweep, 3° upsweep Colors: black, c.p, Features: strong, modern and quality bar Weight: 9": 894g (31.5oz / 1.97lb) [more]

Eclat Burns Stem - Blue

Sean Burns could well be the greatest test dummy for any parts brand ever. He came to us with a strong idea about a solid stem that could hold up against a variety of big drops and rail hops. For Sean, we created a fully CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy stem with a unique offset rear for enhanced… [more]

Schwalbe Durano Performance Line Tire
$54.99 - $79.99

The Schwalbe Durano Performance Line Tire is a true mile eater. This popular option sports a few outstanding qualities: extremely high mileage construction, dual compound for best grip - even training on wet winter roads. It has has a proven RaceGuard protection belt for extra security out on the… [more]

DEITY Compound V2 Pedals

These entry level nylon composite pedals are an amazing value with unbelievable performance! Built on the same internal system as our retired Decoy pedal and all new Black Kat pedal, the COMPOUND pedals are full serviceable with sealed bearings and cromo pins and spindle. These pedals peg you to… [more]

Eclat Seeker Pedals

The Seeker Pedal was born out of desire and need. Eclat PRO riders like Devon Smillie and Shane Weston asked for a pedal with a larger platform than most, but with a slightly thinner profile. By using regular unsealed bearings you are limited with how thin you can actually make the pedal body… [more]

Eclat Mirage Tire - Wire Bead

The Mirage tire might just be the most advanced tire we’ve ever designed. Built on the premise of a super light tire that was strong enough for the toughest street riders on the team, the Mirage uses a high-performance 120tpi casing and a specially designed dual compound tread that is smooth in the… [more]

Eclat Predator Tire

PREDATOR TIRE When it came down to designing his very own signature tire, Bruno was very specific. He wanted a tire that not only gripped like nothing else, but was also strong enough on the sidewalls to last heavy flat ledge sessions and resist the trauma that his blend of technical and burly… [more]

WeThePeople Feelin' Tire

WeThePeople's Feelin tire has a slick-tread design with a durable, grippy rubber compound, making it an awesome choice for the street and park. [more]

Merritt BMX Brian Foster FT1 Tire

Trails nowadays are nothing like they used to be, very little pedaling and/or braking and the dirt is usually rock hard, it doesn’t make sense to mimic MX tires (that have to accelerate, brake and turn in soft dirt) with big knobs anymore and BF rides a mix of everything, so his tire needs to work… [more]

Eclat Talon U-Brake

Remember, not everyone uses his or her feet to stop these days. The Talon brake is a low-profile designed brake with clearance for today’s wider 2.40? tires and comes equipped with éclat’s exclusive new force brake pads with female bolts. The Talon brake comes equipped with our ‘Unit’ one piece… [more]

Eclat Sniper Break Lever (1 Finger Lever)

The Sniper is a more refined lever, a sleeker looking model but still using cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and utilizing all the modern elements from our previous levers. One of the main differences with our levers is the attention to detail we put into the barrel joint, in the past levers have always… [more]

Eclat Sniper Break Lever (2 Finger Lever)

The Sniper is a more refined lever, a sleeker looking model but still using cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and utilizing all the modern elements from our previous levers. One of the main differences with our levers is the attention to detail we put into the barrel joint, in the past levers have always… [more]

Eclat Plaza Pedal

We quickly realized that pedals don’t need to remain small and as long as the weight is right the pedal can easily be larger in size. The Plaza has quickly become a favorite of the pros and many struggle with the idea of going back to a smaller pedal. The Plaza features a knurled top surface and… [more]

Eclat Venom Peg 4.5"

The Venom peg uses a two-piece steel/plastic design based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system. Our aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. This lead us down the route of a steel/plastic design with a slim crmo inner peg wrapped in a generous thickness of… [more]

Eclat Slash Nylon Pedal

Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash nylon pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and has a nice knurled top… [more]

Salt PRO Sprocket 25T

Material: 6061 T6 alloy Size: 25t only Features: incl. 19mm & 22mm spindle adapter, strengthened crank arm fix point Weight: 58g (0.12lb / 2.04oz) [more]

38 Results
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