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> Freestyle Scooters/Drift Trikes

Freestyle Scooters/Drift Trikes

10 Results
Triad Notorious 3 Drift Trike

BECOME NOTORIOUS - Other than the obvious changes like the Snake head frame and Sentinel platform axle there are lots of not so obvious upgrades to the Notorious 3. Improved stopping power with all new Oath Dual Synchronized mechanical disc brake, 15mm 1 piece rear axle. All new OATH "Swerve" 2.25… [more]

Triad Underworld 3 Drift Trike

THE NEW GENERATION - Get off on the series 3 Underworld trike with the all new Snake head gusseted frame including the new quick release adjustable seat slider. Commander V brake fork with 1 tool installation bearing caps, bladed fork legs and over sized fork crown. Wider, Lower, Longer because… [more]

Triad Countermeasure 2 Drift Trike

NEVER TOO YOUNG - Triad's popular Countermeasure trike designed for ages 7-12 years has had a makeover similar to that of its bigger brothers. New Snake head frame, New commander fork, Quick release seat slider, 15mm rear axles and much more. All the same quality parts but just on a compact trike… [more]

Envy KOS Charge Scooter

The Envy KOS Charge S4 is part of Envy's flagship scooter range. Featuring all new 120mm Hollow-core wheels, a new KOS Galaxy deck, and the hugely anticipated Max Peters V2 aluminium bars, this scooter is a real stand-out in the range. Designed for use by intermediate to pro level riders, the Envy… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX6 Nitro Scooter

It’s hard to upgrade the Nitro Scooter each year when it already features the best parts available but again we have managed to fit some awesome new spec upgrades in with a brand new graphic application process. The VX6 Nitro is now fitted with our most popular bars - the Batwing Swoop. The bars… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX7 Team Scooter
$269.99 - $299.99

The VX7 Team Scooter is the complete package and ultimate setup for the rider ready to step it up! Light-weight parts are used across the board on the VX7 Team Scooter which has dropped the complete weight by 100grams despite making the deck an inch longer! With its One-Piece Bar, IHC, Integrated… [more]

Chilli Pro Reaper Scooter

The Reaper is the latest creation of the Chilli Pro Team, a perfect all round street star for beginners and also suitable for pros. The Reaper is characterized by a very accurate Street setup, a very friendly deck geometry and the XXL T-bar. Equipped with our own Chilli Spider HIC it makes every… [more]

Envy Prodigy S5 Scooter - 2017

Arguably one of the most anticipated scooters of the year, the Prodigy is the best it’s ever been. Envy really raised the bar, giving the Prodigy a snappier and more responsive feel with the 120mm, IHC compression to keep the scooter nice and light. A nice feature of the deck is the new front deck… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX7 Pro Scooter

The VX7 Pro Scooter is now by far the best entry level pro scooter money can buy. MGP have jam packed the VX7 Pro Scooter with the best parts and upgrades most notably the new integrated headtube. Combined with the super light 3D forged alloy M1 fork and new MFX integrated headset you can’t go… [more]

Havoc Mini Scooter

The new Havoc Mini is built just as good as our Havoc Storm scooter. Fully integrated head tube, fully sealed bearing. Forged steal fork. 15" long deck 15" tall bars. 100mm metal core wheels will fit up to 120mm wheels. IHC fork. This scooter is the BOMB. [more]

10 Results