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Bike Fit

Proper fit on your bike is a critical and often overlooked aspect of cycling.  Improper fit will slow you down and can damage your body.  With proper fit, you will ride longer, faster and more safely with less strain on your body.  Think of your bike as a belt, do you randomly choose a hole to tighten it too? Probably not without risking suffocation or loss of pants.  So why ride with your handle bar in a position that “looks good” or your seat seat in the position it came in?Retül Bike Fitting at To Wheels

If you are buying a new road bike from To Wheels the basic fit is included, or you can upgrade to a more advanced fit using Retul 3D motion capture system for $200 more.

Basic Fit – $99 

Using your measurements we take of your proportions, such as torso and arm length, we use computer software to calculate your best fit range.  Then we fine tune that position with you on your bike.  This session usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Retul Fit – $299 – using Retul 3D motion capture

To truly maximize your experience on your bike this is the option for you.  Most fitters are limited to observing a rider in motion then taking measurements once they stop pedaling.  Using advanced 3D motion capture technology from Retul and the Specialized Body Geometry fitting system we can measure your riding position while you are riding.  We can use this technology to measure minute imbalances and make necessary changes to correct your position and improve both your comfort and your power.

This involves a pre fit physical assessment to better understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses, you are then marked with infrared LED markers that system tracks.  Depending on the riders goals we can assess position at multiple power levels, basically observing the changes between “going hard” and “easy pedaling”.

At the end of the session, typically a 2-3 hour process, we will email you an easy to read report detailing your position and bike measurements to the millimeter.

A second bike can be done for $150 at the same session.

For all fits please call ahead to book your appointment.  Please bring bike shorts, shoes, a tight fitting or sleeveless jersey and your bike(s).Get a Retül fit at To Wheels