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Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp
The Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Oversized clamp is another excellent clamp for running HIC, IHC, MINI HIC, ICS, and Threaded compression systems. This clamp includes 2x 6mm bolts and an alloy shim for running STANDARD bars. For OVERSIZED bars, the shim will need to be removed! It slso weight ONLY 3 OUNCES! **Compatible with Oversized and Standard Size bars. Shim Included**
Envy 2 Bolt Forged Oversized Clamp
The Envy 2 Bolt pro scooter clamp is perfect, lightweight and compact. This clamp includes 2x 6mm bolts and an alloy shim for running standard bars. Compatable with Oversized and Standard Size bars. Shim Included
Envy Forged 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp
The Envy Forged clamp was not only strong, but it was also very light as well. the 2018 model features a classy new design featuring a bold Envy logo in the front of it, and 6mm bolts to make sure rounding your bolts is practically impossible. Specifications - Fits both Standard and Oversized Bars - Shim Included
Havoc 3 Bolt Clamp
We're so pumped about our new Lightning clamp! This Lightning Clamp has our bolt cut out for lighter weight, while using aircraft grade aluminum for extra strength. You will have no trouble finding a colour with 9 to choose from. Included with this Triple Clamp is a shim system used to run Standard (31.8mm) bars. If you are using Oversized (34.9mm) remove the shim and you will be good to go.
Root Industries AIR Double Clamp
$34.99 - $39.99
The highly anticipated line of clamps is finally here from Root Industries! Being the masters behind making the perfect pair of hollow core technology wheels, they wanted to work their way into other parts for our scooters. They have been slowly working on this clamp and some other parts very carefully because their goal is perfection. Having 6mm bolts is just one of the many additions that Root has added to this clamp! They were inspired to make a clamp that fills everyones needs and wants, by taking suggestions from riders and fans to insure they fill all the gaps. If you've been wanting a new clamp or need a new clamp, we highly suggest you go with the new AIR clamp! Compatable with Standard (with shim) and Oversized bars (without shim) Shim included
Envy 4 Bolt H-Clamp
The Envy H clamp is one awesome piece of scooter technology. Envy really did a great job with this product, the H clamp is designed to replace the dust cover of your headset giving a very smooth transition between the headtube and the bars. The clamp is 6061 forged and is made to fit standard bars only. **Fits Standard bars only, designed for use with ICS, IHC, or threaded compression**
Apex HIC Kit
The HIC Compression Kit is for use with oversized bars. It is the preferred compression system of the many pro riders! It is designed to work flawlessly with the Apex Pro HIC Bars. If you like the idea of HIC, but are running on standard size bars we would strongly suggest switching over to oversized bars…it really is worth the changeover!
Envy 4 Bolt H-SCS Standard Clamp
Envy has proven themselves to make strong and afforadable products. This SCS clamp is no diferent. If your a fan of the Envy 4 Bolt Clamps design but want to run SCS, Look no further. Now you can with the Envy 4 Bolt SCS Clamps. This clamp will ONLY fit Standard sized bars. To be used with SCS only. The clamp flairs out at the bottom so it sits flush against your pro scooter, replacing the dust cover. This clamp is strong, durable, and one of the nicest SCS clamps on the market. This clamp now comes with the Envy SCS adapter. This Envy SCS bar adapter cancels the function of a slit in a standard size pro scooter bar so it can be used with SCS compression. It is made of CNC'd 6061 aluminum and anodized black. Adapter is compatible with Standard Bars with a inside diameter of 1 1/8" only. **Compatible with standard size bars ONLY**
Root Industries SCS AIR Clamp
The legends at Root Industries are at it again, in the pursuit of perfection, with their all new AIR SCS Compression. The Root Industries AIR SCS Compression, like all their products, is manufactured to the highest standards. Forged from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium for strength and then beautifully CNC machined into an incredibly stylish design the Root Industries AIR SCS Compression lives up to the reputation of Root as a premium brand at the forefront of design and technology. AIR by name and by nature, this new SCS from Root Industries is incredibly lightweight, coming in at a mere 250 grams. Coming standard with the toughest 6mm bolts to save on threading and stripping as well as a nifty "anti-slip" shim so the SCS fits any diameter bar you want to run! True to Root Industries mantra these forks have been rigorously developed and tested for well over 6 months by their team of professional riders! #showyourroots
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