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WeThePeople Smuggler Pivotal Seat - 2017

Gone are the days of taking a heavy tool bag with you from spot to spot. The WeThePeople Smuggler seat takes their proven Team Fat Pivotal seat and uses two hidden compartments inside the foam, allowing you to carefully hide the supplied 5, 6, and 8mm allen keys, or pretty much whatever else you… [more]

WeThePeople Socket Pivotal Post - 2017
$59.99 - $64.99

WeThePeople's Socket Pivotal seat post is made from 6061 aluminum for a perfect blend of strength and weight savings. It works with all Pivotal seats and comes in the perfect color and size to match your bike. Plus, there's a 17mm socket head built into the bottom of the post for park-side… [more]

Federal Bikes Mid Pivotal Seat

The Pivotal Mid Seat has soft padding and a durable cover, the internal bolt is also hollowed out for weight reduction. More Info: Mid pivotal seat with embroidered logo Mid seat with hollow bolt Colours: Tie-dye/Black , Black/Black, Black/White, Camo/Black, Brown Faux Leather/Black, Black/Midnight… [more]

S & M Bikes Coxie Directors Seat - 2015

You're the shot-caller with S&M's Coxie Directors Seat on your go-to rig. The embossed microfiber cushion seat looks rad and is comfortable when you need it. What else would you expect from James Cox's signature saddle? At 11.6 ounces, it's light too, and it stays put on a Pivotal seatpost. [more]

Odyssey Donut Pivotal Seat

Limited Edition Donut pattern. Pair together with our Discogram Sprocket and Twisted Pro Pedals featuring the same Donuts themed pattern. [more]

Odyssey Raindrop Camo Pivotal Seat

These limited edition German Raindrop Camouflage seats are made from re-purposed vintage military canvas which we sourced in Downtown Los Angeles. [more]

Odyssey Star Map Pivotal Seat

Our limited edition Star Map seat features a custom constellations pattern. Each seat is different and unique! Aaron Ross Signature. [more]

Eclat Torch Pivotal Seat Post

The Torch is our all-pivotal compatible seatpost that comes in a range of sizes for a range of riders. The Torch features a star shape wall structure and a beautiful CNC finish. [more]

Odyssey Pivotal Seat Post - 2018

It’s a traditional straight up pivotal design with a 200mm length. [more]

9 Results

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