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Service Department

Service Packages


-Brake Adjustment
-Gear Adjustment
-Safety Check (i.e. Water Bottle Cages, Lights, Computer, ETC)
-Lube All Cables & Housing
-Inflate & Inspect Tires


-Solvent Chain Cleaning
-Correct Torque Specs for Bottom Bracket & Cranks 
-Detail Cleaning of Both Derailleurs
-Shifter & Derailleur Adjustment 
-Detail Cleaning of the Cranks
-Lube Shifter Cables & Housing


Includes all Basic Tune Up Services Plus: 

-Wash/Clean & Degrease of Entire Bike
-Comprehensive Wheel True
-Headset Adjustment
-Discounted Labour Rates on Part Installations 
-Bottom Bracket Adjustment
-Conditioning of Pads and Rotors


Includes all Advanced Tune-Up Services Plus Drivetrain Package Plus: 

-No Charge Labour on Part Installations 
-Removal of Bottom Bracket for Detailing & Cleaning