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Apex 5
This new extrusion has enabled each deck to decrease in weight and increase in strength. If a rider chooses a small or large size, they’re going to be guaranteed an all-rounded deck. The 580mm deck will remain with an angled back to decrease weight and mobility for riders who enjoy park tricks, as well as street and technical tricks. This deck will have an increased rail width to maximize the grinding surface area. For the 600mm and 620mm decks, we now offer Boxed Ends. This style of deck is suited for street and technical riders, although, the weight of the deck will allow riders to enjoy park riding as well. These decks come with our uniquely designed 7075 Aluminium dropouts. It creates a rounded end to create the perfect balance point for street and technical riders. This will also increase the strength and accessibility when maintaining the deck. Each dropout has been designed with a hex to hold the nut in place, meaning a 6mm Allen key is the only tool needed to tighten the axle. These decks will also have an increased rail width to maximize the grinding surface area. - 600mm (Boxed End) – Supplied with Stainless Steel Flex Fender - 1320 grams without Dropouts - 1380 grams with Dropouts
Envy AOSv5 - Jon Reyes Signature - 4.75
Jon Reyes is one of the most unique riders in the sport. His style is based on creativity and fun, innovating this style revolves around tech and balance. His deck is covered in a “Grey Reflect” quality paint and wrapped in his custom “Ride NY City” Graphic. The Graphic represents the vibe of NYC Jon’s riding playground. Pushing through the streets in search of challenges and adventure Size options are Deck 1. WIDTH -4.75 Inches /120mm LENGTH- 20.5 Inches/ 520mm HEADTUBE- 83 degrees FOOT SPACE- 14.17 Inches/ 3600mm WEIGHT- 3.5 Pounds/ 1.6kgs
Phoenix Ion Deck
$199.99 $239.99 17% Off
All new from Phoenix Pro Scooters is the Ion Deck. This deck is one of a kind with a 2D Forged and CNC'd headtube that extends into the deck unlike any other deck out there! It also has awesome water transferred decals on the bottom of the deck as well as the headtube! SPECIFICATIONS: Size - 4.5" x 21" Headtube - 82.5 degrees Weight - 4.2lbs/1.90kgs Head Treated 6061 Alloy 3 Degrees Concave Includes axle and spacers
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