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Ethic DTC Steel Pegs
The Ethic Steel Pegs are all about strength. Pegs are shipped as a pair with axles and spacers. The Ethic Steel Pegs are compatible with the Ethic Lindworm and Ethic Artefact decks. Sold in pairs, axles included.
Apex Coopegs Pegs
All new pegs from the team over at Apex Pro Scooters. The Apex Coopegs were designed, inspired, & tested by Apex Pro Rider Cooper Elgar. The pegs are made from Apex Australian-made aluminium, and come with high tensile steel bolts to fit onto most scooter decks and forks.
Envy Aluminum Oil Slick Pegs
These Envy Oil Slick pegs are just like the the Envy Chromo oil slick pegs but a little bit lighter! So if you're looking for the cool looking oil slick pegs but trying to save on weight these pegs would be perfect! Sold in pairs. Axles included.
Envy Aluminum Pegs
These pegs are ideal for any park style riding that requiers you to grind on coping or rails. The are composed of 6061 aircraft aluminum so they are super lightweight and very durable! Sold in pairs. Axles included.
Ethic DTC Aluminum Pegs
Created from 7075 aluminum alloy (the best on earth), they will last much longer than other aluminum pegs on the market. Almost as resistant as steel pegs, they are way lighter. Comes with axles and spacers, they are compatible with Lindworm and Artefact deck. Sold in pairs. Axles included.
Apex Barnaynay Scooter Pegs - Anodized Black
Specifications: Made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminium – Strong, Durable & Light. Designed in conjunction with Kiall Barnes, tested by Kiall Barnes A universal peg that works on both street & park. These Pegs will fit most of the decks on the market at the moment. Includes: Pair of Pegs 2 x High Tensile Bolts, washers & lock nuts to suit the specified decks as listed above.
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