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Custom Scooter #1

This custom is a To Wheels staff pick of the newest / toughest parts out there. Here is the parts list: Deck: Ethic DTC Lindworm V2 - Chrome Bars: Apex Bol Bar Standard - Chrome Fork: Root Air SCS/HIC - Rocket Fuel Clamp: Root Air SCS - Rocket Fuel Headset: Root Air Tall Stack - Silver Wheels: Root… [more]

Envy KOS Heist S5 Complete

Envy now introduces the Heist. This finely tuned beast is full of the latest pro parts from Envy like the KOS 6061-T6 extruded Aluminum deck that comes in a Neo Chrome finish, and the 2-bolt oversized clamp. Another great feature is the 120mm hollow core wheels. They're really light weight and are… [more]

Envy KOS Charge S5 Complete

The Envy Charge S5 is simply one of the finest pro scooters ever made. This complete is one stylish ride designed to shred it all. This PRO level set-up is full to the brim with all of Envy’s aftermarket parts, including - This complete scooter will have you going faster and flying higher than any… [more]

Envy KOS Soul S5 Complete

Envy introduces the S5 Soul, one of the most popular scooters Envy has ever produced! This new model still holds everything we loved from the previous model, the S4 but improves in some areas that it could. With a completely new paint job, coming primarily matte black and now Neo Chrome 120mm… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX6 Nitro Scooter

It’s hard to upgrade the Nitro Scooter each year when it already features the best parts available but again we have managed to fit some awesome new spec upgrades in with a brand new graphic application process. The VX6 Nitro is now fitted with our most popular bars - the Batwing Swoop. The bars… [more]

Root Industries Lithium Completes
$289.99 - $299.99

PRE-ORDER ONLY! WILL SHIP MID NOV Bursting into the market, leaving a trail of shock and awe in its wake comes the new Root Industries Lithium complete. For anyone just getting into the sport, up to more experienced scooter riders, this first of its kind hybrid scooter is perfect for riders wishing… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX8 Team Complete

Where to start with the MGP VX8 Team. Being part of Madd Gears 2018 product line means that this guy's got all the bells and whistles, like a Aluminum threadless HIC fork, and a Steel chrome plated upsweep fluted bar. The deck comes 4.8" wide by 20" long with a 83 degree headtube angle. You'll be… [more]

Envy Prodigy S6 Complete Scooter

The Envy Prodigy set the bar insanely high for a out of the box scooter. Including 120mm wheels, IHC compression, nose blunt room, and 6mm bolts! This guy is perfect for any rider who's saving every penny they have for a new scooter to learn and progress on. Another awesome thing about the Prodigy,… [more]

Madd Gear MGP VX8 Pro Complete

The VX8 Pro comes out of the box with a 19.5" long and 4.5" wide deck that features 3 degrees of concave and a 83 degree head tube angle. The bars are 21" wide and 23" tall with in included slit to be ridden with HIC compression since they are Oversized! 110mm wheels, and an Aluminum fork make this… [more]

Envy Colt S3 Complete Scooter

Similar to the Envy ONE but with a bit of an upgrade, here we have the Colt S2 which is another excellent entry level scooter. Coming with a few upgrades like taller bars, a bigger deck, and 110mm wheels! Deck: 6061-T6 Aluminum Deck 19.5" Long x 4.7" Wide Bars: High Tensile Steel Bars 22.8" High x… [more]

Phoenix Pilot Complete Scooter

The Phoenix Pilot was a game changer when it came to a complete scooter. Featuring upgraded parts straight out of the box was just one of the things that made it as successful as it was. This new and improved version is no different, having a 22" tall and 20" wide steel bar and a 4.5" wide by 19.5"… [more]

Envy One Series 2 Complete

One of the best selling entry-level scooters of 2016, the Envy One has received a few updates in this new 2018 s2 version. Just like last year's s1 model, this scooter features an industry standard integrated, sealed headset, 100mm metal core wheels, and light weight IHC compression. One of the… [more]

12 Results

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