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Silca SuperPista Floor Pump

During the Giro d'Italia in 1989 SILCA introduced the SuperPista, effectively changing the definition of what a floor pump could and should be. The large wooden handle, and 50mm longer barrel could inflate tires faster with less effort, while the all metal construction carried on the SILCA ideals… [more]

Giant Control Tank (Tubeless) Floor Pump

Forget the noisy air compressor – this is a quick, easy and mobile way to inflate tubeless tires. - Quick inflation for tubeless ready - Road and MTB tires without the need for a compressor - Auto switch twin head automatically adjusts to Presta or Schrader valves - Fill via a standard floor pump… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter

Specialized's Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter features a high-pressure tank that dumps a high volume of air into a road or mountain tubeless tires. This enables you to quickly and easily lock the beads into the rim for a proper seal. Now, setting-up tubeless tires at home can be done without a… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Comp Floor Pump

With features to rival the best, the Air Tool Comp Floor Pump combines strong performance and tremendous value. - Large 3" (76mm) oversized gauge. - Steel base and aluminum barrel construction. - Ergonomic Wing handle. - Auto selecting SwitchHitter II technology. - Includes spare rubber seal for… [more]

Giant Quick Fix Combo Compress Kit

- Includes everything for a quick fix while on or off-road - Giant seat bag - 12 glueless patches - 2 tire levers - Mini pump - 9 function multi-tool [more]

Giant Quick Fix Combo Kit

- Includes everything for a quick fix while on or off-road - Giant seat bag - 12 glueless patches - 2 tire levers - Mini pump - 9 function multi-tool [more]

Specialized Air Tool Double Barrel Pump

Specialized's efficient Air Tool pump combines a rugged, all-metal construction with a double-barrel design that can quickly fill the highest-volume MTB tires. - All-aluminum, double-chamber shaft and handle for durable performance - Double barrel volume in a single stroke - Locking head converts… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Frame Shock Pump

- Switch from fast-inflation mode to high-pressure mode (up to 300psi) with one twist. - Swivel hose for easy access to tires or shocks. - Durable aluminum barrel. - Glueless patches included in handle. - Includes mounting bracket. - All-aluminum shaft, handle, and chamber for durable performance.… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Flex Pump
$44.99 - $54.99

The Air Tool Flex MTB/Road uses an inverted chamber design that allows for quick fill-up on mountain tires but can still reach the high pressures needed for road tires. - Twin Schrader and presta thread on T-head - Inverted barrel design allows for efficient high volume and high pressure pumping -… [more]

Giant Control Shock Pump

FEATURES 300 psi (20 bar) removable gauge for easy storage on or off the bike Fordable hose and T-handle 2-3 psi micro-adjust bleeder button Rubber armored gauge prevents damage and increases accuracy and longevity Double function – inflates shocks and tires with included Presta adapter [more]

Specialized Air Tool Big Bore Pump

Designed for Fat and Semi Fat tire bikes, the Air Tool Big Bore Pump packs massive volume per-stroke, and it features a head that still works with winter gloves on to make it perfect for back country winter fat biking. - Oversized press-on Schrader and Presta head won't accidentally remove valve… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Sport Twin Head Floor Pump

This economical, all-metal Air Tool Sport Twin Head Floor Pump comes with all of the essentials for easy inflation and an accurate reading. - 2" (50mm) oversized gauge is easy to read with excellent accuracy. - New ergonomic Wing handle. - All-steel construction on base and barrel. - 42" (110cm)… [more]

Lezyne HP Drive
$39.99 - $45.99

Lezyne's lightweight, powerful HP Drive mini-pump quickly inflates your road bike tires so you can get back to pedaling. Its aluminum barrel and no-slip Carbon Matrix handle help you get pumped up to 120 psi in a flash. And, making your inflation experience even easier is a… [more]

Lezyne HV Drive
$36.25 - $45.99

Lezyne's lightweight, powerful HV Drive mini-pump quickly inflates your mountain bike tires so you can get back to pedaling. Its oversize aluminum barrel and no-slip Composite Matrix handle help you get pumped up to 90 psi in a flash. And, making your inflation experience even easier is a… [more]

Giant Control Tower 2 HP/HV Floor Pump

- Easy-to-read 3.5" gauge - AutoHead™ with ball inflator accessories - High Pressure/High Volume switch - Steel barrel and base - 160psi rating [more]

Genuine Innovations AirChuck Elite CO2 Tire Inflator

Genuine Innovations' AirChuck Elite offers Push-To-Inflate technology for fast, easy & controllable single-handed CO2 bicycle tire inflation! • Cartridge compatibility: 12, 16, 20, 25 gram threaded CO2 cartridges & Big Air! (not 45-gram cartridges) (each sold separately) • All metal aluminum design… [more]

Specialized Air Tool COMB02 Pump

This uniquely designed inflation device combines the quick, simple operation of CO2 with the reliability of a traditional pump. - Cartridge stores inside the pump body (pump still works with stored cartridge). - Compression release allows for controlled distribution and safe storage of unused CO2.… [more]

Specialized Air Tool CO2 Mini Kit - 16g

Everything needed to fix a flat on a standard size mountain or high-pressure road tire, all housed in a compact package that fits conveniently on the seatpost. - Silicon body holds 16g cartridge, 90-degree head, and two- sided tire lever. - Plastic front clip holds two glueless patches. - Fits… [more]

Specialized Air Tool Switch Sport Pump

This durable frame pump with SwitchHitter head automatically adjusts for Schrader or Presta valve tubes. - SwitchHitter head works on Schrader or Presta valves with no disassembly. - Plunger locks to body chamber with a simple twist for secure storage. - Water bottle boss mount included. - Max… [more]

Lezyne Sport Drive HP

A compact, aluminum hand pump for high pressure tires. Compact pump with overlapping handle designed for high pressure tires. Machined aluminum barrel and piston, composite matrix handle and end caps. Equipped with the Flex hose; Presta and Shrader valve compatible. SMALL: 170mm | 75g MAX: 120psi |… [more]

Giant Control Blast O Co2 Inflator

- Easy fill rate control knob - Threaded Presta and Schrader valve compatible system - Alloy construction - Head only (cartridge not included) - Compatible with threaded cartridges [more]

Giant Control Blast 16-gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges (3-Pack)

Giant's Control Blast 16-gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges are the replacement cartridges for Giant's Control Blast and other inflators that accept this type (CO2 inflators sold separately). • Foam-padded cartridge provides insulation [more]

22 Results