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Fitbikeco S4 Aitken Stem
Made from CNC'd 6061 Aluminium in the USA. This BMX stem is basically a lighter version of the classic S&M challenger stem designed by Mike Aitken. Specs: Reach: 51mm Rise: 24mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 294g
Fiend Garrett Reynolds V3 Stem
Garrett Reynolds signature stem by Fiend. This front load stem is machined from 6061 aluminium and features a short 48mm reach, a 32mm stack height and solid, durable bolts. Specs: Reach: 48mm Rise: 8mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: .714 lb
S & M Bikes Challenger Stem
The Challenger stem is back friends… and yes, it’s exactly the same as the original. So obviously, this hunk of awesome is much too heavy for you new-school-weight-whores at 12.8 oz. Any heavier and you might get too buff from the work out and be unable to fit in your sister’s jeans…bummer, I know. Grade 8 Allen head hardware Includes 6mm wrench & sticker Made in USA REACH: 49 mm RISE: 24.8mm/ 6.7mm Inverted MATERIAL: 6061-T6 Aluminum WEIGHT: 12.8 oz
S & M Bikes Redneck XLT Stem
S & M Bikes Redneck XLT Stem The Redneck XLT, often imitated but never duplicated, the OG 1 1/8'' front clamping stem. We've been running the Redneck since 93', killing off what your dads call the ''Gooseneck''. It's been through its refinements since then, making it light enough for the track and strong enough for the streets.
Merritt BMX Justin Care Upload Stem
Justin wanted a top load stem that could be run upside down and still raise your bars. Best of both worlds, clean looks and rise. Going with forged 6061 aluminum construction for both the body and cap produced a super strong stem with a design that wouldn’t be feasible with machining and also keeps the price low. 48mm reach and 21mm rise.
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